These are the prepared remarks by Rowan Institute’s Executive Director Sarah Myhre for the American Geophysical Union’s Fall Meeting, 2019.

ED Myhre’s son explores the exhibition hall at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 2019.

Session entitled “Is environmental science serving or failing society?December 10th, 2019.

Good Afternoon. I want to begin by acknowledging the conveners of the session. Thank you to Drs. Fricker…

Integrating feminist and anti-racist philosophy into engagement, communication training, and structural support

Sarah E. Myhre (Essay attends #AGU18 poster)

Poster 401304, Hall A-C (Poster Hall), Monday December 10th 2018

Institutional change is not an act of pointed moral neutrality. Institutional change is often discussed as if it is occurring inside of a vacuum and divested from the ambient and dominant…

Reflections on women’s leadership in a hot and dangerous world

A drawing from the opening conversation at The Nature Conservancy’s Women on Climate Innovation Summit in early October 2018. Rowan Institute ED and Founder Sarah Myhre attended the Summit with board member Barbie Clabots. (this is a post written by Sarah E. Myhre)

Last week I attended The Nature Conservancy’s Women on Climate Innovation Summit. In attendance were scientists, community organizers, leaders and writers, nonprofit directors, institutional liaisons, utility directors, and fossil fuel representatives, as well as artists, songwriters, professional athletes, political trainers, campaign strategists, representatives of venture capitalists, and feminists.

I will…

Participants of Expert Witness Training Defense Team 2: Dr. Larry Peterson, Dr. Sarah E. Myhre, Dr. Amy Frappier, Dr. Jeremy Hoffman, Kari Beaudry, Amanda Meyer, Benjamin Sime, Chelsea Kuhns, Joel Holstand (left to right)

Rowan Institute’s founder Dr. Sarah Myhre attended the 2018 National Science Foundation’s Expert Witness Training Academy (EWTA) at Michell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul Minnesota.

Expert witnesses provide scientific testimony during lawsuits, hearings, and depositions. Testimony is one of the primary roles in which climate and earth scientists…

Rowan Institute

Communication and leadership to change the world. Climate, justice, equity, and decision making. #weneedtochangetheworld

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